Ben Gulak's DTV Shredder All-Terrain Vehicle

August 2012 Powersport News

By Alexandra Dean

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Ben Gulak thinks there's a ready market for a high-performance extreme sports vehicle that goes up to 30 miles an hour and boasts a three-foot turning radius. Designing his dream-the DTV Shredder-has been a long and arduous process, but the seasoned automotive engineer refused to hurry it into production. Why rush when you're all of 23 years old?

A science prodigy who says he never much liked science class, Gulak began his career when he was 17 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. With the goal of winning Intel's (INTC) International Science and Engineering Fair, he decided to make a vehicle for his senior project that would combine the technology of the electric Segway upright two-wheeler with the sleekness of a motorcycle. The result was the Uno, an electric vehicle that could transform from unicycle into motorcycle mid-ride with the flip of a switch. Gulak hoped to market the Uno to consumers in Asia as an eco-friendly transportation option.

The project caught the eye of Intel's then-chairman, Craig Barrett, and Gulak won the award for the most marketable project. Media noticed as well-the Uno soon wound up on the cover of Popular Science magazine. Gulak then went on Canadian reality show The Dragons' Den, where he persuaded angel investors to pledge $1.25 million for the Uno's development. In the end, though, regulatory hurdles killed the Uno. "Segway spent almost a quarter billion dollars getting their vehicle certified for sidewalk use," he says. "I would never be able to raise the capital to certify [the Uno] for use anywhere."

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