Time To Stop, Help Out A Couple Of True Friends Of The Powersports Industry

July 2012 Powersport News

By Ronald Bentzinger

It has been my belief for many years now that the community of motorized recreationists are some of the kindest and most thoughtful people around. That is why I am writing this letter.

On Thursday afternoon June 28, Blake and Meg Allen lost nearly everything they own and their home to the Charlotte fire in Pocatello, ID. That fire burned more than 1,000 acres and destroyed 66 homes in just a few short hours. Blake and Meg had 5 minutes notice before they had to evacuate. Fortunately all of the BAM Productions equipment and files were safe at a studio further into the city of Pocatello. Yes, they had insurance, but there are so many uncovered expenses hitting them square in the face right now.

Blake and Meg have made a profound and positive contribution to the powersports industry. They have been our face and voice to over 70 million households worldwide, showing the true nature of motorized recreation through their television show, Powersports Adventures. Blake and Meg have helped our industry for years, now it is our chance to help them.

Nothing can replace all of the personal keepsakes of Blake and Meg, but we can all pitch in a few dollars to help them through this extremely challenging time in their lives. A special no fees account has been set up by US Bank to make it easier for all of us. The issue is not how much you donate, but rather that you actually follow through, get to your nearest US Bank branch and deposit a few bucks to help them out.

This is not a tax deductable donation. It has to be something that we want to do out of our good fortune and the goodness of our hearts. You can remain totally anonymous or you can send a quick e-mail, letting them know you are thinking about them and what you have contributed to help them out.

Blake is a survivor and I know that with Meg's support they will put their lives back together. More than anything, I want this collective gift to send a clear message to them regarding how many friends they have, how sincere those friends are and how much we appreciate all that they have done to promote and improve the sports that we all treasure so dearly.

Blake and Meg's e-mail address is ballen@bamfilmproductions.com

The US Bank account # is 153 354 623 172. At the time you make your deposit, ask the teller to verify that the last name on the account is Allen. We certainly do not want your generous contributions credited to an incorrect account number.

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