Gone South—And Lovin’ It

September 2017 Feature Web Exclusive

When people talk about how something has gone “south,” well that means that something didn’t go right or turn out right.

When it comes to going south—as in south of South Fork, CO, everything went right and the day turned out dang near perfect.

On Wednesday we rode out of Creede, CO, with Matt Entz and Mountain Skillz (www.mountainskillz.com) and had a great day of riding. Today’s journey took us south of South Fork, CO, with Entz and we saw a lot of country in our 65-mile plus ride. We didn’t climb as high as yesterday’s 12,000-foot plus ride but we did hover between 10,000-11,000 feet for quite a while.

We even made the short hike into Pouge Lake and later in the ride saw one of the largest stands of quaking Aspen we’ve ever seen. The big stand of quakies was on the north east side of Del Norte Peak (elevation 12,400 feet).

The ride was a mix of smooth (ish) forest roads and rock-littered trails, a couple of creek crossings and truly amazing scenery.

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