Breaking Trail

If there’s a will (and a bunch of horsepower), there’s a way

August 2017 Feature Steve Janes


This year spring hung on a little longer than in past years. May was almost over and we still had a good deal of snow hanging around above 7,000 elevation. That meant there were still a few trails that were for all intents and purposes closed by Mother Nature.

            But who dictates whether a trail is impassible? (Prevailing wisdom would say common sense … but when it comes to motorized recreation, sometimes prevailing wisdom loses out to one’s sense of adventure.)

           We have pieced together a photo journal about efforts to make a complete loop over a popular mountain road. The photos and video show a unique challenge that tests man’s ingenuity and machines ability to conquer the elements.


Here are the links to the videos.


Polaris Ace getting into snow.


Following a Polaris Ace up Skyline.


A longer ride over Commissary.


Ace up Lava Creek.


Alternate route 2.


Alternate route.


Getting stuck.


Gas it and go.


Slow Mo through the snow.


Slow Mo 2 through the snow.


Winching your way through the snow.



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