Mauston Opens Streets To ATVs

July 2017 Powersport News KEVIN DAMASK

All-Terrain Vehicle enthusiasts will soon be able to use their vehicles on the streets of Mauston, WI. Mauston is about 140 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

The Mauston Common Council approved a resolution declaring all authorized city streets could be used for ATV routes during its July 25 meeting at city hall. All streets, excluding Grayside, Union and state highways, will be open for ATV use from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. While the resolution was adopted July 25, officials would like ATV users to wait until regulatory signs are posted before using roadways in the city.

Al Morschauser, president of the Castle Rock Family ATV Club, was pleased the city is opening up more ATV options. Morschauser said he will work with Police Chief Mike Zilisch and Director of Public Works Rob Nelson to place regulatory signs in the city in the coming weeks. A route map will also be printed and displayed at city hall.

City officials noted the rise in the popularity of ATV use as a reason for adopting the resolution. Earlier this year, the Juneau County Board opened up additional roadways for ATV use and the city of New Lisbon passed a similar resolution this spring. Since the town of Lisbon has opened up its town and county roads for recreational use, ATV riders could travel from Mauston to New Lisbon as long as it’s not on state highways.

The resolution will be under a one-year trial period and, along with the time restrictions, will have the following stipulations: 1. All operators must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. 2. All operators follow posted speed limits, yield the right of way according to the state’s rules of road, travel in single-file fashion, and obey all other traffic laws. 3. No person shall operate an ATV upon public highway, park, or any other public property. 4. No person shall operate on private property not controlled or owned by the operator without express permission of the property owner.

In addition, operators may also use ATVs on Lake Decorah in the winter, provided operation is further than 100 feet of any private property. Zilisch said ATV parking will be allowed in public lots as long as users abide by regular vehicle parking laws.


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