Protecting Your Ride - Ricochet Skid Plates

Ricochet Skid Plates

June 2017 Feature

Off-road vehicles are designed to take abuse. Sturdy frames and rugged suspensions allow them to navigate the most unforgiving terrain. But that doesn’t mean they are completely protected from the physical elements of nature.
The last thing you want is to have a rock or stump sneak up on you and damage something vital. That’s why aftermarket companies figure out ways of protecting your vehicle so it can continue to function even when you accidentally zigged when you should have zagged.

The editors of Dirt Toys have put together a suggestion of seven products designed to provide a little more protection to your vehicle. While most people purchase insurance to protect their vehicle from the unexpected, these products
can provide that little bit of extra protection you might need for your vehicle.

Ricochet Off Road Skid Plates

Sometimes we forget that the greatest threat to our ATVs and side-by-sides may not be what’s in front of us, but rather what’s under us.
Rocks and stumps my clear our bumpers, but sometimes a change in terrain will allow those same obstacles to find a way to attack our undercarriage.

That’s why Ricochet Offroad Armor manufactures underbelly protection. And the company has quality model-specific protection for just about every model of dirt and dual sport bikes and sport and utility ATVs and UTVs currently in production.

Ricochet plates are supplied with complete mounting hardware, so no reusing stock bolts. Heat-treated chromoly steel mounting clamps are the toughest in the industry. Once you install a Ricochet skidplate it will be there for the duration.

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